This Sound…Silence…is beautiful, heartbreaking, divine, and healing ; it’s plethora of experiences’,  what it induces and creates.  Like everything in life, The Lens of Perception gives silence it’s power.

This silence I’m choosing to address isn’t some “hey new age friends let OM it up…ya know like Silence and shiiii”. This Silence…Is SCREAMING from the inside out; not just on a personal level, yet as a whole.  Oppression, Sacrifice and Punishments’ have most of those who have something of true value to say, imprisoned yet still walking among us. 

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Disturbing…What Silence has done to us

They have already been that voice; desperately fighting tooth and nail to create some voice for those in chains. Albeit, from the insane cases of child abuse, the lack there of ; of… any fucking accountability like anywhere from like anyone, how justice is crumbling in it’s own sad depleting silence, and that so many of us feel like sojourners, not wanted and looked upon as waste…in our own country.


Irregardless, of what voices we are aiming for; the result is still that same suffocating silence.  Whether we know it or not, this silence must be swiftly torn to bits.  Setting those bits afire is pivotal;

for out of the flames raises our voices with Bold Beautiful Brutality.

We could Boldly go where we couldn’t before; imagine…selah…IMAGINE…what these Boldly voices can create. 

In it’s own time, so many seemingly lost causes are brought forth and healed in this collective divine absolutely Beautiful way. 

Like beasts we let our voices roar; in whatever way we see fit. We Rage…Rage into the Light; while we heal those lost, raise up those looking up from the ground, it is the Brutality before Brightness comes: we fight- we struggle – we scream- we heal – we sing – we take a fuckn stand aldready-WE ARE NO LONGER SILENT!


…there’s still a silence we have yet to address; its ingrained within a huge majority of our souls from childhood to now. Now, all that we never got to say; whether the invisible weapon was shame, guilt, threats’, you didn’t want to hurt someone, feeling so unworthy that even speaking is undeserved, and the big one…if you spoke it would fall upon deaf ears.

We have always lived double lives involving Silence.  Cohesively, like it’s normal n shiiii; to on one hand we are prodded & preached into Speaking if Something is Wrong.  While, on the other hand; we are suffocated on every level.  The entire Machine of Malice we call USA; in their usual double faceted squalor demand our SILENCE on every level. 

Hell…should we be complete idiots who care not of Honor, Justice, Integrity and doing whatever we can to save our Human Existence.Will we be forcefully forever SILENCED.  The higher powers let this be as look back to all the times’ we’ve wasted; those words washed away like nothingness – ugh…hmmmm…nothingness came from Our Refusal to SPEAK…To Take that STAND…To Set Afire…Abolishing the SILENCE.

Most of us have so many fuckn worthless opinions making us outraged…and of course man end with the “we gotta do something about this cuz it ant gonna work”.  Yet…Do You? …yet do you?  Fuck, DO YOU? Think of it because we all are guilty of the acts’ stated above. I’ve been guilty, You’ve been guilty, and sadly WE as a Whole are Fuckn Guilty!

Soooooooooo…what are WE gonna do about this? Wait till the last minute; where your Flight of Fight response kicks in?  Talk all this BfucknS from the comfort of your homes, jobs, groups and (Yes…I’m gonna fuckn go there)…and Our Online Lands’? 

So many of us here on WP and several various sites are so Right, and Motivated, and Brave and Honest. Are we really? It wouldn’t hurt to take a good look in the mirror at ourselves so we can detect what we are from what we say we are.  Hiding behind a PC, rioting and creating revolution in your room, Your Taking That Stand without falter, Your putting it out there so Your Doing Your Part.

Anyone who reads my not so sunny blog knows what im about to say. Wait for it…wait for it…waaaiiittt – Wake the Fuck Up, get our assess on the damn couch, look up from your shit Im losing IQ fuckn Iphone, and Quit, Quit…Motherfuckn…QUIT hiding – standing on the sidelines – keeping track on any protests via real time news.

While spittn out your views like they mean something. Words become Worthy, Bold, Steadfast, Reverent only; I repeat ONLY when we are out there hittn the streets, creating gathering to protest the oppression that oppress you.  You take that megaphone like its an OG Glock Nine and YOU SPEAK…You SPEAK…Ya SPEAK…have others SPEAK.  Speak with that battle-worn, broken yet Bold, this is your last chance, your life depends on it Speak.

As we are my friends…SPEAKING, and our lives depend on it, our children’s’ lives depend on it, our humanity as a whole in all our totality – DEPENDS on it.  So You Speak…with everything you are, all that you believe in, whatever scars your soul, the bad-the good- the futile, Gather the Troops and Raise Them Hands and YAAAAAAAAAEEESSSSS Muthaphukn SPEAK! 


Your words matter, so does hers, and his, even the girl sleeping on the sidewalk, my words may actually for the first time matter.  Never Underestimate the Power of Actions packed with your Words.  One can learn a lot getting out there on the front lines, not giving a shit who the fuck sees you or who they think they are,  strip off consequence, Be There, Be Aware and like a galactic gangster…You SPEAK!


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