What The Fuuuuuuucccckkk? y’all know how I feel on this issue…torture them fools.  In Pre-Law College in my trial communications class we had a project and I chose “That Crimes Against Children receive triple sentencing, life, and or death penalty.

And the wifey…you sick worthless dingleberry…oh i was just doing as he said…like yer just gonna play dumb and it’ll what? lemon iced tea…or howz about tie yer ass to a tree in some remote forest; everyday go back n f*** ya up some more…ok lil dark…let me compose thyself. You, Lady, The Mesa, and other Men Involved…ALL deserve to DIE SLOW!!!

When are we gonna stop reading these heart wrenching articles about the torture of our future humanity…if we even have one.  STAND The F**k UP…STAND UP….ST…STA…STAND UP….VIVA LA RESISTANCE…REVOLT…Let’s get this REVOLUTION Started Already…Ill provide the laser beams and Dj’s…it’ll be a party n shiii.  😉



DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Several girls who were sent to live with a man now on trial on charges he raped them testified Thursday he had sex with them and they considered him to be their husband. Prosecutors outside Philadelphia say Lee Donald Kaplan, who’s 52, sexually assaulted six daughters of a couple who had…

via Girls testify about sex abuse by man who got them as ‘gift’ — Q13 FOX News

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