WASHINGTON (AP) — To the White House and its supporters, the big story in Washington isn’t the investigation into possible Trump campaign ties to Russia. It’s about leakers working to undermine the president. “SABOTAGE,” read the subject line of emails sent out by President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican Party, which pointed to…


and I come in like “Whaaaaa…Where Prez Blameshifter At???

With all respect to the belief systems of Trump Supporters…C’mon Trumpster…one should be privy to the fact that they must have the ability to “take it” for whatever they so choose to “dish out”.

Perfect time for assessing his thought processes, behaviors and conduct in a special new light called ACCOUNTABILITY.  In all seriousness, the ability to face one’s self; and what they may have done or have not done. is Vital for ascension of the soul, and to ensure we are always acting in ways that promote benefits for “The Greater Good”.

I believe those is high profile political positions should be focused on one thing…Being of Service. Not in the “let’s get freaky pizza together”; yet in the most honorable sense of the term.  I could’ve swarn some super-awesome guy had taught humanity that “Tis…In Giving through which we receive”.

To Be of Service in the righteous respect is truly a glorious experience.  Those who do such without some motive for gain are rare gems.  May these gems be polished so they can shine light upon all this chaotic nonsense we call our world right now.

via Trump supporters blame leaks, conspiracy for his woes — Q13 FOX New

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