Blessings…fellow bloggers and readers; I took a brief break as Mother’s Day is hard for me, and it was the first without my mom.  My apologies for the lengthy article on the 1st link.  Yet if you read it, you’ll gain some insights in re the corruption machine and how its works for children/parents/foster care.

It’s like let’s write this detailed article as a plea for help; true journalism would not shirk about reporting the REAL issues’.  The state of Washington seemingly having a huge struggle finding and keeping foster parents.  The Social Workers are overworked with too many kids they need care for. 

Social Workers, those surreptitiously acting weasels; are stealing children for profit that’s the real biz for all of you blind eye’res out there.  98% are SWs’ are demonic; the ones who want to help are fired with the quickness.  They want not any challenges while maliciously stealing children that make the whole F.A.B.C. crew their expected profits.

They have a profiling system: you can’t escape it as the schools, most doctors in the area and even bus drivers are conspiring theft of innocence.  The school gets the new football field they wanted by meeting their quota, the doctors and medical staff get their kickbacks as well as the usual culprits (ie: officers of the court, judges, GALs’, Therapists’ n then some).  

The profiles are:          

  •                                           loss of job
  •                                           victim of domestic violence
  •                                           protective parents of sexually abused children
  •                                           if the family is going through a change
  •                                          (ie:  Parents taking a break, moving, etc.)
  •                                          targeting parents whom they believe are uneducated

If one chooses to do a study of the counties & designated CPS regions you’ll quickly see the isolated and poor counties they hit the hardest. Pay mind to them changing the regions so the public does not catch on to the scheme. I’ve witnessed in deep despair; judges in certain counties in Washington, like cattle one after another…Termination, Termination…Termination.

Read the link…

WA State Troubled Foster Care struggles to keep/get Foster Parents 

I’m gonna address some of the absolute fugazzis and protocols in another post.


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