The whole PizzaGate scandal…which…my friends…is in no way fake or some wild conspiracy.  In my opinion, this coming to our attention was not by some stolen evidence or leak.  We, the People, with the majority still asleep, have played our part in such sadist ceremonies (aka fuckn sick nefarious wickedness – where only the weak participate).  Why? …you may say…we are guilty by omission…to act…to care…to pay attention to the realities surrounding us.

This is not new, and the fact that it’s so shocking to society baffles me. OPEN YOUR EYES people…our children have been the dangling sacrifice giving these fucks so much satisfaction.  As innocence is lost, the whole sacred structure of family torn to bits leaving an obvious wound which shows on every level (w/exception to sickly slithering things).

Our Children’s cries are soul shattering, and most of you have never heard them.  Those that have, being honest with one self walks on with that damn blind eye.  For this we, in the eyes of such wickedness, give our consent through submission.  Following the flock so as to believe your life can remain comfortable as long as you don’t rock the boat.

No Child, person and/or family is exempt…even the insiders are used up, spit out, then burned at the stake.  I realize it’s almost unfathomable to imagine such horrific circumstances piercing your lives with torture, oppression and dehumanization on a grandiose scale.

To My Fellow Fighters for the Few…you, myself, our children and families have been branded by bloody bandits, ripped from our arms and spread across the lands.  The harder we fight plunges us deeper Into That Dark Night.  Those who sacrifice themselves by taking the stand that makes you a target, enduring continuous blows from every angle, these blows mean “shut the fuck up, bow down to the beast, and mind yer own business”.

Humanity, My Tribe, Your Families…Are Our Business and so far the lack of bravery has most of us bankrupt. Why are we still walking along, shopping, playing with our Iphone’s, and Living It Up…as our fellow-man suffers torturous strife?  Does taking the easy route, playing it safe really mean more to you than the raping of our children’s souls?  Being a lil pussy may be the thing in the order of the new world…but here on our ground, it’s a fucking disgrace.

Harshness is not my chosen forte…but damn it, this calls for it.  Why…Oh Fucking Why? Does the wording PizzaGate, now put into an already long going sacrificial spiritual war, suddenly stirring society.  Child Trafficking, Satanic Ritual Abuse, The Legal Kidnapping of Children…none of these make you wonder hmmmmmm wtf has this world come to?

THIS is what WE as Humanity are Allowing

PizzaGate…how dumbed down our society is when it take a damn pizza…before the “we’re raping their lil girls and boys then eating them too” for a fuckn reaction.  With no offense to you…a weak one at that.  Oh…we put it on youtube…we did a little blog…what more does one expect?  …and I believe im speaking on behalf of all the tortured families, when I say…GET THE FUCK UP…Raid the Streets…Rid the Hate…Smash the State…Don’t back down & don’t let it fade into the neurotic news like it was some dust in the wind.

These are our children…children…the one thing that ensures a future remain…being hung on hooks, forced to drink blood, sodomized with knives and when they cry for help…CPS comes a storming shredding apart innocent lives.

Folks…yes the few that fight are utterly gaslighted.  …but let us think for a moment SELAH…we are the many and they are the few…they know it too…the thought of us actually being the way we are intended to be…winds up their weakness, and grinds at their teeth.  Don’t shove this aside and don’t you dare just take my word for it.  Seek the truth…see it for yourself…let it stir your souls…then let’s start the fucking war already.

Remember the saying…”United We Stand…Divided We Fall”…uh yeah…it’s all true and the longer we stay scared and sit in idle…the more children are put on the table. Pizza is serious yo…so is the raping and exploitation of innocent children. No Pizza terms need apply to open thy eyes on that one.  So…Society…What are you going to do?  Before your ready to actually answer…pay mind to fact they are about to make yet another move…and this time ain’t easy cheesy cuz the target is YOU!!!

Time To Rise Up…Revolt is the cool thing to do 😉



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