The truly iconic portrait above (artist yet be known) shows a daughter, a friend and a mother. Their faces show survived battles once slained, their eyes the sadness such loss brings…yet the portrait tells all; although broken, humbled and small. The Stand…proves they still believe Goodness and Love will , in the end …Conquer All

Here I stand, a ghost…simply a shell of a once thriving, blissfully, adoring mother
Each of them, invoking…in their own unique ways, the healings of thy soul
Oh, how I honored them, utter reverance! They like moonbeams shot across the skies, teaching me of family and love…what that truly is
My bones ached, while working six to seven days a week, determined to render them all that I once hoped for as a child yet never recieved.
We were Light…shining even in chaos, a never surrending flame, like the sun which burns brightly …frightfully exposing “the lying ones”
Hate, why is it so?…I dont believe Ill ever understand why they plunged into our lives, like indian arrowheads afire
They, without sufferings, no oppression nor chains, and no crimes against their humanity…Unwarrented them the feathered battle cry
Shattering lives, like a walk on a Sunday afternoon, without thought or even a conscious…pierced we were by fiery stakes
Running, we tried to trick ourselves into believing…we were surviving somehow, some way.
Yet…words were never spake of our inner tortureous state
We stood the plight…attempting to fight, an evil we knew not, would tear apart our lives stitch by stitch, with every inch
Throwing us without armor…into a war against the most sacred structure of all creation
Has no meaning to those, who enter our homes as snakes by nightfall, conspiring our demise
At times, I ponder…why, why did we as beings, have to be so pure and free?
Perhaps, if our DNA suddenly disconnected, like the surge of a dusty electric cord…we could shut our the light shining within us
There was no alternative…We brought forth to give life to those in strife
We knew not of malicious chilvary, no demons in our eyes, never to dishonor…breaking no righteous code
Tears, like tsunami’s, swallowed us whole…drowning in innocence
Holding on, for dear life to some ancient falace, strips fading thread by thread
We cried out, seeking justice…for the ressurected life we once so peacably lived
Those lying ones, desired us dead…our presence ingnited their nefarious ways, as darkness hides not in the light
We, played pretend, like as if we were once again whole…
While our light asundered to a dim, worn down wick. White candles, which could not again be lit…
Plunged into darkness…we strayed, broken and alone, no brightness inside, not even a kind eye did we find
As slowly, we were torn apart, our souls having no choice…but to live in this night ever so dark
Where once…our eyes were watching God, faith evaporated with each unforgiving sulfurous night sky
The softness of thy soul…lost, hiding behind hopeless steel war torn sheilds
Our souls in many ways knelt to death…never to be reclaimed
We were jaded as japanese elephants, as they stripped the flicker from our eyes
Wandering without wishes…to a home we never returned
Spread across the lands…like the monks vikings stole, forcing godliness be enslaved by man
All around us, everything still running on…while we, paralyzed could only break with the slightest move
Whirlwinds…kept us on the floor, as our powers depleted, from this blood tainted war
Grooming us, like mules…they made us slaves in what other’s claimed “be a free world”
No skeleton keys we found…keeping us bound, for want of love only family brings
Stripped of all comforts…no cloaks were left us
As we wandered cold unknown roads…blinded in darkness, a spark not even to appear
We Stand…Alive Still, but for, only the hopes of Our Tribe
Each One tortured…fragments of fortitude, relieve frail bones never layed rest from lost feelings of home
No blood flows through mystic veins, not a thought of failing umbrellas in the rain…leaving lanterns bereft aglow
We Stand…
To fight a little every day, each our own way, believing how great it be, when our tribe is finally set free
We all run, to eachother…yet never a brush of touch
Like a record loops, again and over again, to eachother, still…we run
As some small spark, hidden deep within our souls…keeps us standing
Galactic glimpses of hope… some a time filling our hearts holes
What am I to say?…Still we believe someday…It’ll Be Ok!


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