We have all read and/or heard of the countless stories ever so tragic which plague humanity today.  The “Legal” sale of children predominately aimed at satisfying Rampant Pedophilia.  If Ya haven’t opened your ear and eyes to this yet, ya better do so immediately or face fire & brimstone when Light comes a shining, putting a real stint in the darkness to whom such fault lies.

Child Protection Services are blatantly flaunting the torture and de-humanization of our children.  Why wouldn’t they?  CPS & those who aid them are sadistic n satisfied every time they can get their dirty paws on a child. Money can make weak fellows commit some really dark shit.

Today’s tuned out society take “The Blind Eye” stance, if it ain’t their kid who cares right….WRONG! C’mon we all are privy to the doing nothing is just as bad as…oh wait…Einstein nailed it when he said;  ” The World is a Dangerous Place, not because of Those Who Do Evil, but because of Those Who Look On and Do Nothing”

Contrary to popular belief one doesn’t have to be a child abuser or addict for this malice to take place. You along with every great parent out there are not with immunity to such vile acts.  In fact the ones abusing children get priority, while good parent’s struggle to keep their families safe.  What’s Bad is Good and what’s Good is Bad…a reversal of consciousness taking apart the sacred family structure piece by piece leading to a future humanity that’s completely wiped out. No peace, no freedom, no justice and no children will be left smiling…sold & forced to be sexual slaves governed by that which was created to protect them.

Should this be utterly outrageous and you’re in complete disbelief.  Don’t take any knowledge as truth until you’ve done your own research on the matter.  Henceforth, the compelling yet heartbreaking quest of former Head of the FBI – Child Exploitation Unit, Mr. Ted Gunderson.  Whom after working in such field began to see the horrific truth which hid behind the Government’s smokescreens. The kidnapping of children through CPS and the trafficking in various sinister ways set forth and covered up by our  very own corrupt system.

From social workers & foster care to family court, judges and high level political figures, it became all too clear to Gunderson.  Courageously from that point forward devoted his life to the cause which would be revealed publicly to our humanity in his so honorable attempt to end such torture of innocent children & their families.  As with every person so bravely taking a stand against this wicked sick world-wide criminal perversion, the stand comes with a heavy price.

This price is the systematic punishment aimed at breaking Gunderson and other activists ability to live life, piece by piece, act by act deterioration of the soul at the hands of the governing powers would end in death.  Ted Gunderson for years prior to his passing, was regularly treated & monitored by his physician due to being continually poisoned with strychnine.  The following attached report created by Gunderson informing society in hopes we would take action on behalf of our children, protecting their innocence.

Perhaps after reviewing the following link, you too will become outraged wanting to join the 99% working on behalf of children ensuring a future humanity existence.



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