This is a blood boiler for sure. Below is the link for the News Video: via @KIRO7Seattle

There are so many loving protective mothers in Washington whom DCFS ripped to shreds for miniscule, mostly falsified (by CPS) acts.  These Moms fought back…not even two months later some were served with termination legal suits…their visitation brutally taken from the children and the mother resulting in irreparable harm.

The Mothers who really went into to Mamma Lion mode, as their children were survivors of sexual abuse and being taken (CPS) as well CPS rewarding the offender(s)…were pushed to suicide…9 of them to be exact.  All at the hands of WA State DCFS…that blood will never wipe clean.  These mothers were systematically tortured, de-humanized and taken apart by DCFS.  This, they do assuming their hands stay clean…even the best soap cannot clean a dirty soul.

DCFS has a pattern of behavior, similarly used in each of these heartbreaking cases.  Attacking them on every level, filing petition after petition of lies so grievious, one wonders how could a judge hide behind that black robe & agree with such wickedness.  Then CPS will make up some felonious lies ensuring you’ll never see your children again.

Mothers fall into despair…their children being the light they live and work so hard for.  CPS also contacts the activist mother’s support system…compounding lie upon lie as one by one they turn their back believing the Mother must be crazy as CPS keeps stating it so.  Having No one, the loss of simple smiles & hugs from her children, no resources, as she lost employment keeping up with the demands of CPS meetings, court and visitation.

Most non-profits are funded by the very government the Mom is fighting against shunning her humble pleas for help .   There’s a lot of dancing around in pockets, here in the good ol evergreen state.  Homeless with nothing to live for and battles upon battles she clearly can’t break ground upon alone…She gives up taking her life, exactly as DCFS plotted & planned for.

CPS then notifies the corruption machine system and …oh my gosh they must have been right re the Mother’s state being Crazy…killing herself was proof of that…Oh the stories they tell.  Yet kids will be burned alive or chopped to bits in their presence as they give parents like this hideous piece of shit such leniency.

When it’s them who should feel so horrified by their actions of abuse to their child, who should be hanging from the tree…NOT…the mother who did everything, even standing up against the state trying to protect her child.

This poor excuse for a mother is a fraud…she seems so clean and ummmmm, a nice white girl (no racism I’m white too) who made a lil mistake. Please spare society the insults.  A small earthquake of Revolt will occur should they dare give that poor innocent child back to someone capable of such malice.

Drugs don’t make people do that alone…there has to be some pure evil in that soul.   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….My Rant for the day…the world is falling apart…this news video story is undeniable proof of that.



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