Yet another worker trained & Certified,  by DSHS/DCFS  in Early Childhood and Development Course… via @seattletimes

Disheartening Fact for the Day:

Thousands of children (low ball estimate btw) here in Washington State have been, are, and/or will be sexually abused under the care of DCFS/CPS and their Chymo afilliates.  If a child was/is abused sexually out of their care… sure as shiznit will be hunted down…torn from the only protective parent(s) they know who are demanding justice…keeping them safe…when the corruption system machine fails to render, yet another child any support or protection(s) whatsoever.  Theyr’e having lunch dates with the perpetrator giggling about how they got away with shattering another innocent family

…soon is not soon enough for that cold dish they ordered



One thought on “State agrees to pay $1.87M to four children sexually abused at Marysville day care

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