Washington state cops on alert for armed robber hitting Dollar Tree stores along I-90 — Q13 FOX News

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So…ummm…like…woah…itz like this?…EVERYONE…EVERYONE…Read All About It – Dollar Store Bandit makes news.  While Children and their families are being raped, pillaged, tortured and systematically dehumanized…

We the Ever So Wise-less People just share this shiii like it’s all normal; such detriment 2 our Dollar Stores supersedes Govt induced Child Trafficking and Parading the Sadistic Sexual Abuse of OUR children like #DisBeWhatCoolPeepsDo on the daily.

This is prime proof of controlled news & media (by the powers that be pedophilin like it’s Hot)…Is Anybody Out There?  Are ya fuckn sleepin or just plain stupid ass sheep? 

If anyone had a chance to grow a fuckn nut-sack…there would be posts upon posts of Public Outrage as to why WA state DOJ focuses on dollar store than the real issues they ain’t allowed to address yet gave an oath of duty to do so.

To name a few of these here real issues; 

Injustice staring every one of us in the eyes on the daily.  No more invisibility play here…this is the nitty gritty…justice would make a difference shiii.

Lack of Accountability re and n all public;

servants/officers/systems/pretend to make a difference non profits/Judges/Advocates/Social-Human-Public-Child Services/Media/Police/Politic-ally Incorrect Position Foo’s – and the list be like…infinity ooohh yeah uh yeaha – infinities like *** yyeeaahhh just like that…


WE as a Society & HUMANITY; YOU posting w/o Opposition, these false flag, distract while we dismember yer family, not-news/made4dummies media stories.  Perpetuating this shit show…by being like:

OMG,  Obeya… girl have you heard about this…

being dumber as dumber gets, then dumber than that…

actually believing this is news – means perhaps ya ain’t AWAKE enough – get off the keyboard or be pistol whipped 4 posting n not PROTESTING against this.

knowing its fuckn outlandish piss poor pretend news yet re-blogging it without cockn back straight blastn these fools with your words of weaponry AGAINST them

playing it safe…too afraid to rock the boat…fuck rockn this shit…save those on ship…light a torch and watch the muthaphucka sink n burn…Take Back Your POWER…then Give It to The People!

besides…we’re all being punished on some or every level anyways…ain’t enough protesting these streets…when we do Police b actin like it’s 911 n shit…like 2Pac says…SO FUCK PEACE. 

This intended solely for The AlSnakety Politico PunkAss RedWhite&Bl…Purple People Eater.   I say that in literal terms aka psycho pizza pedophiles…let’s not forget about this InYaFace Issue like ever…

InYaMuthaphucknFace…REAL issues to be ranting, raving radically (personally i suggest Club Q n DJ Donald Glaude when ya RaveItUp), Rising Up, Deciding 2 Revolt and Ringings of Revolution posting without pussy posts…


Start Posting like a Boss and You Begin…CHANGE…the type of change that creates Consciousness to Ascend…hence…waking of others begins…We have less Losing and Many More Win Winning

Get into that action you’ll be a Bad-ass Blogger with Words that can kill Oppression and Create a Stir…who gives a F***…if it offends offenders…Your a Word Warrior on a Mission…One that In The End…No Matter what we must face, fight or forgo to get there…

In The End…We Will Have Won that War against Enslavement of Mankind…NOW – Blissfully Admiring the Masterpiece WE United Created…a FOREVER-FUTURE That The Greater Good Prevails… Proving WE Can Change – Reality…oh yeah bitches

Manifesting a Mankind, free of all fears’, full of thy graces’, selflessly steadfast serving and striving while branding a future free from blindness and chaos – yet Full of Bold, Beautiful and Blessed Body of Super-Awesomeness!


Fuck Bitch Bogus News…Be Real…or Be Gone…Cuz WE…WE here are Warriors with endless words of weaponry at our disposal.

Believe This…we will begin to win the battles

BELIEVE Believe This…WE WILL Oh Yes WE WILL***WIN the WAR***

It’s Our Humanity and Now, We Take It Back…Real Talk



Suspect and vehicle photos Law enforcement agencies across Washington state are asking for the public to be on the lookout for a suspect who is robbing Dollar Tree stores along I-90. The suspect’s most recent robbery was in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho on May 28,2017 and police believe he has now moved west. Detectives say the…

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Girls testify about sex abuse by man who got them as ‘gift’ — Q13 FOX News

What The Fuuuuuuucccckkk? y’all know how I feel on this issue…torture them fools.  In Pre-Law College in my trial communications class we had a project and I chose “That Crimes Against Children receive triple sentencing, life, and or death penalty.

And the wifey…you sick worthless dingleberry…oh i was just doing as he said…like yer just gonna play dumb and it’ll what? lemon iced tea…or howz about tie yer ass to a tree in some remote forest; everyday go back n f*** ya up some more…ok lil dark…let me compose thyself. You, Lady, The Mesa, and other Men Involved…ALL deserve to DIE SLOW!!!

When are we gonna stop reading these heart wrenching articles about the torture of our future humanity…if we even have one.  STAND The F**k UP…STAND UP….ST…STA…STAND UP….VIVA LA RESISTANCE…REVOLT…Let’s get this REVOLUTION Started Already…Ill provide the laser beams and Dj’s…it’ll be a party n shiii.  😉



DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Several girls who were sent to live with a man now on trial on charges he raped them testified Thursday he had sex with them and they considered him to be their husband. Prosecutors outside Philadelphia say Lee Donald Kaplan, who’s 52, sexually assaulted six daughters of a couple who had…

via Girls testify about sex abuse by man who got them as ‘gift’ — Q13 FOX News

The Sound of Silence…

This Sound…Silence…is beautiful, heartbreaking, divine, and healing ; it’s plethora of experiences’,  what it induces and creates.  Like everything in life, The Lens of Perception gives silence it’s power.

This silence I’m choosing to address isn’t some “hey new age friends let OM it up…ya know like Silence and shiiii”. This Silence…Is SCREAMING from the inside out; not just on a personal level, yet as a whole.  Oppression, Sacrifice and Punishments’ have most of those who have something of true value to say, imprisoned yet still walking among us. 

Click…clickity…click…link B_low

Disturbing…What Silence has done to us

They have already been that voice; desperately fighting tooth and nail to create some voice for those in chains. Albeit, from the insane cases of child abuse, the lack there of ; of… any fucking accountability like anywhere from like anyone, how justice is crumbling in it’s own sad depleting silence, and that so many of us feel like sojourners, not wanted and looked upon as waste…in our own country.


Irregardless, of what voices we are aiming for; the result is still that same suffocating silence.  Whether we know it or not, this silence must be swiftly torn to bits.  Setting those bits afire is pivotal;

for out of the flames raises our voices with Bold Beautiful Brutality.

We could Boldly go where we couldn’t before; imagine…selah…IMAGINE…what these Boldly voices can create. 

In it’s own time, so many seemingly lost causes are brought forth and healed in this collective divine absolutely Beautiful way. 

Like beasts we let our voices roar; in whatever way we see fit. We Rage…Rage into the Light; while we heal those lost, raise up those looking up from the ground, it is the Brutality before Brightness comes: we fight- we struggle – we scream- we heal – we sing – we take a fuckn stand aldready-WE ARE NO LONGER SILENT!


…there’s still a silence we have yet to address; its ingrained within a huge majority of our souls from childhood to now. Now, all that we never got to say; whether the invisible weapon was shame, guilt, threats’, you didn’t want to hurt someone, feeling so unworthy that even speaking is undeserved, and the big one…if you spoke it would fall upon deaf ears.

We have always lived double lives involving Silence.  Cohesively, like it’s normal n shiiii; to on one hand we are prodded & preached into Speaking if Something is Wrong.  While, on the other hand; we are suffocated on every level.  The entire Machine of Malice we call USA; in their usual double faceted squalor demand our SILENCE on every level. 

Hell…should we be complete idiots who care not of Honor, Justice, Integrity and doing whatever we can to save our Human Existence.Will we be forcefully forever SILENCED.  The higher powers let this be as look back to all the times’ we’ve wasted; those words washed away like nothingness – ugh…hmmmm…nothingness came from Our Refusal to SPEAK…To Take that STAND…To Set Afire…Abolishing the SILENCE.

Most of us have so many fuckn worthless opinions making us outraged…and of course man end with the “we gotta do something about this cuz it ant gonna work”.  Yet…Do You? …yet do you?  Fuck, DO YOU? Think of it because we all are guilty of the acts’ stated above. I’ve been guilty, You’ve been guilty, and sadly WE as a Whole are Fuckn Guilty!

Soooooooooo…what are WE gonna do about this? Wait till the last minute; where your Flight of Fight response kicks in?  Talk all this BfucknS from the comfort of your homes, jobs, groups and (Yes…I’m gonna fuckn go there)…and Our Online Lands’? 

So many of us here on WP and several various sites are so Right, and Motivated, and Brave and Honest. Are we really? It wouldn’t hurt to take a good look in the mirror at ourselves so we can detect what we are from what we say we are.  Hiding behind a PC, rioting and creating revolution in your room, Your Taking That Stand without falter, Your putting it out there so Your Doing Your Part.

Anyone who reads my not so sunny blog knows what im about to say. Wait for it…wait for it…waaaiiittt – Wake the Fuck Up, get our assess on the damn couch, look up from your shit Im losing IQ fuckn Iphone, and Quit, Quit…Motherfuckn…QUIT hiding – standing on the sidelines – keeping track on any protests via real time news.

While spittn out your views like they mean something. Words become Worthy, Bold, Steadfast, Reverent only; I repeat ONLY when we are out there hittn the streets, creating gathering to protest the oppression that oppress you.  You take that megaphone like its an OG Glock Nine and YOU SPEAK…You SPEAK…Ya SPEAK…have others SPEAK.  Speak with that battle-worn, broken yet Bold, this is your last chance, your life depends on it Speak.

As we are my friends…SPEAKING, and our lives depend on it, our children’s’ lives depend on it, our humanity as a whole in all our totality – DEPENDS on it.  So You Speak…with everything you are, all that you believe in, whatever scars your soul, the bad-the good- the futile, Gather the Troops and Raise Them Hands and YAAAAAAAAAEEESSSSS Muthaphukn SPEAK! 


Your words matter, so does hers, and his, even the girl sleeping on the sidewalk, my words may actually for the first time matter.  Never Underestimate the Power of Actions packed with your Words.  One can learn a lot getting out there on the front lines, not giving a shit who the fuck sees you or who they think they are,  strip off consequence, Be There, Be Aware and like a galactic gangster…You SPEAK!


…was gonna stay outta this one

WASHINGTON (AP) — To the White House and its supporters, the big story in Washington isn’t the investigation into possible Trump campaign ties to Russia. It’s about leakers working to undermine the president. “SABOTAGE,” read the subject line of emails sent out by President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican Party, which pointed to…


and I come in like “Whaaaaa…Where Prez Blameshifter At???

With all respect to the belief systems of Trump Supporters…C’mon Trumpster…one should be privy to the fact that they must have the ability to “take it” for whatever they so choose to “dish out”.

Perfect time for assessing his thought processes, behaviors and conduct in a special new light called ACCOUNTABILITY.  In all seriousness, the ability to face one’s self; and what they may have done or have not done. is Vital for ascension of the soul, and to ensure we are always acting in ways that promote benefits for “The Greater Good”.

I believe those is high profile political positions should be focused on one thing…Being of Service. Not in the “let’s get freaky pizza together”; yet in the most honorable sense of the term.  I could’ve swarn some super-awesome guy had taught humanity that “Tis…In Giving through which we receive”.

To Be of Service in the righteous respect is truly a glorious experience.  Those who do such without some motive for gain are rare gems.  May these gems be polished so they can shine light upon all this chaotic nonsense we call our world right now.

via Trump supporters blame leaks, conspiracy for his woes — Q13 FOX New

So now Our Rights’ to Public Records is being slighted…DCFS needs to take a long walk off a short pier…

The Illinois Dept of Children and Family Services denies a request to make more information available about the days leading up to a Joliet Township toddler’s death. Semaj Crosby was found dead inside her mother’s home just a few hours after a DCFS case worker performed a wellbeing check. Authorities later said the home was…

via Request denied for DCFS records in toddler’s death — WGN-TV

WoW…the world is bout to crumble…get your survival gear

Warning: Report contains content that some may find disturbing ESTACADA, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon father is struggling to try to understand why his adult son allegedly decapitated his mother on Mother’s Day and then showed up at a grocery store with her head, stabbing a clerk there until workers overpowered the man and police arrested…

via Dad tries to fathom why son allegedly decapitated his mom — Q13 FOX News

Oh…Noooo…Convention Porno Party…Texas Ruled…KICK ROCKS!

AG Paxton Applauds Court Ruling Affirming Rejection of Pornography Convention May 12, 2017 AUSTIN, TX – Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Sidney Fitzwater dismissed the complaint of pornographers, Three Expo Events L.L.C., demanding the right to use the Dallas Convention Center to hold an illicit convention. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton stood with leaders of the […]

via Anti-Child Agenda Wasting Needed Resources — My Brother’s Keeper

The Blind Eye Approach…Perfect Example

Blessings…fellow bloggers and readers; I took a brief break as Mother’s Day is hard for me, and it was the first without my mom.  My apologies for the lengthy article on the 1st link.  Yet if you read it, you’ll gain some insights in re the corruption machine and how its works for children/parents/foster care.

It’s like let’s write this detailed article as a plea for help; true journalism would not shirk about reporting the REAL issues’.  The state of Washington seemingly having a huge struggle finding and keeping foster parents.  The Social Workers are overworked with too many kids they need care for. 

Social Workers, those surreptitiously acting weasels; are stealing children for profit that’s the real biz for all of you blind eye’res out there.  98% are SWs’ are demonic; the ones who want to help are fired with the quickness.  They want not any challenges while maliciously stealing children that make the whole F.A.B.C. crew their expected profits.

They have a profiling system: you can’t escape it as the schools, most doctors in the area and even bus drivers are conspiring theft of innocence.  The school gets the new football field they wanted by meeting their quota, the doctors and medical staff get their kickbacks as well as the usual culprits (ie: officers of the court, judges, GALs’, Therapists’ n then some).  

The profiles are:          

  •                                           loss of job
  •                                           victim of domestic violence
  •                                           protective parents of sexually abused children
  •                                           if the family is going through a change
  •                                          (ie:  Parents taking a break, moving, etc.)
  •                                          targeting parents whom they believe are uneducated

If one chooses to do a study of the counties & designated CPS regions you’ll quickly see the isolated and poor counties they hit the hardest. Pay mind to them changing the regions so the public does not catch on to the scheme. I’ve witnessed in deep despair; judges in certain counties in Washington, like cattle one after another…Termination, Termination…Termination.

Read the link…

WA State Troubled Foster Care struggles to keep/get Foster Parents 

I’m gonna address some of the absolute fugazzis and protocols in another post.